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The Future of Yacht Design for Stefano Vafiadis – Professor of the course Yacht Design

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to begin with, let’s not talk about trends or fashion, bigger beach clubs or bigger tenders. let’s take the discussion up a notch, after all, we do work with the most beautiful and treasured object in the world. we live in an era of deep changes and, of course, in the yacht design industry something’s changing too.

22/01/2020: The Future of Yacht Design for Stefano Vafiadis – Professor of the course Yacht Design


It is becoming more and more evident from the latest design concepts and builds, that the “interplay” or “fusion” of different “types” of boats leading to one single shape has won ground. And this will be forever more diffuse in the next years. This “Crossover” phenomenon has also influenced the Yacht Industry nowadays. The concept of blending different “species” and «genres” has already been established for some years now in several industries and arts.To mention the most successful cases, consider the car and music industry, food trends and fashion.


Remember when the “fusion” cuisine conquered the world of fine dining or when the first SUVs became popular? Something similar is happening now in the yacht Industry. Owners who are undecided about whether to go for an aggressive “open” yacht or a wonderful “exploration” yacht which can take you as far as the North Pole, won’t have to take that decision in the future. They will own a yacht capable of both. The need to opt for one of the two philosophies belongs to the past, as the styles and functions of the boats will soon be so skillfully intertwined that they will be capable of a much wider range of experiences compared to today. And that’s all thanks to higher efficiency onboard and sophisticated technologies integrated in the design.


Hybrid boats, with hybrid propulsion, will not only be more efficient and eco-friendly, but will also make the most of our experience onboard and provide more opportunities to enjoy the yacht itself. Efficient propulsion and a more “multifunctional» space design will give a greater range of possibilities on how to relish life onboard


The 65 Granturismo (which got me the “Young Designer Of The Year Award”) was actually the result of this concept. The idea was to blend an “Open” and an “Explorer Yacht”. The idea was to combine the style and aggressiveness of the former with the latter’s capabilities and endless functionalities, among which the 5 tenders onboard and the estende range. A super efficient displacement hull was selected to deliver 21 knots; not exactly an offshore boat speed, but a good compromise to fast cruising in absolute comfort, especially considering the lower fuel consumption. The superstructure was designed to resemble a coupé (even better, a “Granturismo” capable of long distance cruising), while the overall design could stand proudly next to the latest Lambo or Ferrari sports car. The outdoor areas boast a giant aft swimming pool, featuring a counter flow swimming system, plus a jacuzzi facing the Spa.


After studying architecture at the University of Rome, he cooperated with an international architectural firm in London working on major residential high-end projects. The same year he came back to Rome to work in the family business (Studio Giorgio Vafiadis & Associates).

From 2019 Professor of the course Yacht Design in Made in Italy School

Some of his achievements:

  • Won the “2013 Young Designer of the Year” trophy in Monaco

for his 65 mt yacht project Granturismo sponsored by


  • Concept and range development for Mondomarine (project

Aria 50 and Arte 70).

  • Concept development for Columbus Yachts: 70 Sport Oceanic,

under construction.

  • Concept development for Technohull, the Greek premium

rib builder.

  • Involved in the 50 Azul project and 72 O’Pari3.
  • Won the “2017 Innovation of the Year” award at the World

Superyachts gala in Cannes for his 50 mt Azul.

  • Current project in Greece: an 85 meter yacht for Golden

Yachts called O’ptasia.

  • Current project: a 52 meter yacht for Rossinavi.
  • Current project: a 95 meter yacht for Golden Yachts.

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